Yaniv Taubenhouse Trio – Here From There



Here is a bright and relatively new talent. The Yaniv Taubenhouse trio, at least on a few of their tracks, reminded me of Jacques Loussier, such is the almost classical music approach of the group.

There is sensitivity within the Trio that forces the listener to concentrate and follow (at least mentally) the score and the individual performances.

Taubenhouse is yet another brilliant musician from Israel making a name for himself in the USA. He is the thinking jazz fan’s jazz man, if that makes sense.

His rhythm backing is drummer Darren Novotny and bassist Garrett Jones and they play like they have been together for ever.

There are 11 tracks on the CD of which all but two are Taubenhouse compositions. In reality, this album is a showcase of the composer’s talent in composition, arrangement and performing abilities. Vey impressive!

I thoroughly enjoyed the album and recommend to anyone who relishes high quality jazz musicianship.

Below is a PDF ‘grab’ of the CD cover, so don’t just sit there, go grab a Yaniv

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Here There Yaniv Taubenhouse

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