Teddy Wilson by Bob Melvin

In 1945 Wilson began teaching at the Julliard School of Music. He appeared on film in the 1955″The Benny Goodman Story “. He worked on the staff of CBS radio in the late 40’s and early 50’s. He also did stu-dio work for Station WNEW. He left New York for a brief tour of Europe in late 1952 and early 1953, then back to CBS. In September of 1953 he appeared with the Metronome All Stars including Roy Eldridge (T) Kai Winding (TR) Lester Young (TS) Max Roach (D) with Billy Eckstine on vocals.

He formed a trio for tours during the late 1950’s and into the 1960’s. He traveled to Russia with the Goodman Sextet in May of 1962. He kept busy touring for the next decade as a single and with trios and quartets. He became a world traveler as he brought his piano magic to apprecia-tive audiences.
Later in life he settled in New Britain, Connecticut and he became le-gally separated from his wife, Joan.
At age 72 he was stricken with cancer and died on June 31, 1986 of Metastasis Gastric Cancer.
Thus the music world lost a brilliant piano player who had so much to offer the public but was only fully appreciated by his fellow musicians.