Obituary: Med Flory

Meredith Irwin “Med” Flory (87) was an American saxophonist, bandleader and actor born in Logansport, IA. Flory’s mother was an organist, and encouraged Flory to take up clarinet as a child.
During World War II Flory was an Army Air Force pilot, and after the war he took his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Indiana Univer-sity. He played in the bands of Claude Thornhill and Woody Herman in the early 1950s before forming his own ensemble in New York City. In 1955 he relocated to California and started a new group, which played at the 1958 Monterey Jazz Festival. In the late 1950s he played with Terry Gibbs, Art Pepper, and Herman again, playing both tenor and baritone saxophone.
In the 1960s, he worked more in television and film as an actor and screenwriter; his credits include Wagon Train, The Rifleman, Maverick, Route 66, Daniel Boone, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., Lassie, and the film The Nutty Professor. In the mid-1960s Flory worked with Art Pepper and Joe Maini on transcriptions and arrangements of Charlie Parker re-cordings, and in 1972, he co-founded Supersax, an ensemble devoted to Parker’s work. Supersax’s debut album, Supersax Plays Bird, won a Grammy award (sadly died with heart related problems) b. August 27th 1926.