Obituary: Iola Brubeck

Iola Brubeck (90) American jazz lyricist who was married to Dave Brubeck from 1942 until his death in December 2012, is credited with making him a popular concert attraction on college campuses in the early 1950s, when his quartet was relatively unknown and she served as his manager, booker and publicist.She wrote to scores of colleges, which resulted in numerous bookings and to the release of the live albums Jazz at Oberlin, Jazz at the College of the Pacific and Jazz Goes to College, whose success helped to make Dave one of the music’s big-gest stars. She later worked with him as a lyricist and librettist, providing words for tunes like In Your Own Sweet Way, Strange Meadowlark and as well as longer works like the oratorio The Light in the Wilderness and the cantatas The Gates of Justice and Truth Is Fallen. The duo’s most ambitious collaboration was probably The Real Ambassadors the satirical story of an American jazz musician who visits Africa on a State Department tour. It is scheduled to receive its belated New York premiere on April 11th and 12th 2014 at the Apple Room of Jazz at Lincoln Center. (sadly Iola died fighting cancer) b. August 14th 1923—died March 12, 2014