Nick Finzer – The Chase

Those of you who have some knowledge of my musical background will know that the trombone is my favourite instrument.  This is strange because after publicly wrestling with the beast for many years, I came to realize that I had no talent, for any instrument.

So, I live vicariously in the shadow of current jazz musicians who have not only mastered this crazy piece of plumbing, but they can all certainly be considered virtuosos.

One such man is Nick Finzer. His latest CD is The Chase and he combines all his composing skills with his musical talents in a sextet that makes me want to pull out my battered Selmer tenor and, once again, annoy the neighbours.

Finzer’s sextet is: Finzer (trombone), Lucas Pino (saxophone), Alex Wintz (guitar), Glenn Zaleski (piano), Dave Baron (bass), and Jimmy Macbride (drums).

The group segue effortlessly from swing to ballads to more sombre and serious compositions (all by Finzer). And as they are all Finzer compositions, I’ll not list them, except to say try and listen to While You’re Gone.

To all the gentlemen in this sextet I say thank you for a moving jazz experience, your album should find its way onto many CD shelves around the world.

To read more and to listen to some clips, go to:


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