News From Cheryl Hughey

In anticipation of a June 2014 full CD release, Paolo Rustichelli has released his “Med Groove” single to the delight of radio. At the time of writing this updated press release, “Med Groove” has been #1 on the indie chart for two weeks and is currently at #9 on the Mediabase smooth jazz chart. A seducing musical treat, Paolo uses edgy techniques, state of the art synthesizers, plug-ins and other magical ef-fects to create his full band sound for “Med Groove.” A very open-minded and eclectic composer with a history rich in classical, jazz, smooth jazz, rock and movie music for songs and soundtracks, this one man band plays all the instruments on the songs by himself. Proudly embracing the role of a renegade, Paolo believes firmly be-lieves that a lot of the music today is watered down by corporate think. Because so many people are now involved in the process of making re-cords, it is his belief that the artist loses ownership of the actual art. “This is not a real honest picture of the artist,” said Paolo. When you compose and perform all of the music as he does, fans are given the op-portunity to understand and interpret the art in its truest form. Based on a January 25, 2014 tweet by Denis Poole ( publisher) it would appear that Paolo is feed-ing a hungry audience. “Med Groove by Paolo Rustichelli really nails that sweet spot where smooth jazz meets chill in the most delightful of ways,” posted Denis via @poolejazz. Among his album projects, Paolo recorded, performed and produced for rock-jazz superstars like Carlos Santana and Miles Davis. In 1997, he released the album “Mystic Man” in the United States through Island Records, which featured the legendary Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Andy Summers and the disco diva Jill Jones. For more information contact Cheryl Hughey: 314-660-1755