Motorheads Diary 2015

Nine scientists out of 11 say that most jazz fans are also petrol-heads.
Naah, that’s unproven, but a young lady, Heidi-Marie von Au, in Jo-hannesburg publishes arguably the finest diary for fans of collectable vehicles and she is a jazz fan.
This high-quality publication is great as a daily diary, but an absolute must regarding motoring events throughout the year. The diary also has records of records (if you get my drift), in which famous motoring per-sonalities, record-breaking attempts , anecdotes and unusual pictures appear throughout.
Although this is a South African publication, it reports on many inter-national motoring events. As Heidi-Marie says, “It is all about passion – classic cars, motorsport, rallies, motorcycles and aircraft………
Right now is diary buying time, another new year looms.
To get an idea of the diary’s contents, quality, and pricing, visit Heidi-Marie


Heidi-Marie von Au

+27 (0)83 455 7684

27 (0)83 455 7684