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A limited quantity of the first self-titled studio album of SOFT MACHINE LEGACY (the original line-up with the late greats Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper, and with John Etheridge and John Marshall) is back in stock. Unfortunately, the legendary saxophonist Elton Dean (who passed away on February 8, 2006), never saw the release of this album, which was recorded in London in the late Summer of 2005 and officially released in May of 2006 on MoonJune Records in the USA, and on Strange Days Records in Japan.

A powerful, rock-edged collaboration from the four legendary members of the seminal pioneers of jazz-rock, Soft Machine. Soft Machine Legacy’s first studio album rocks as hard as any of the original group’s efforts ever did, but there is still an ever-present magical chemistry at play with this band. Full of fire, energy, great chops and imagination, this “instant classic” self-titled studio debut proves itself to be well worth the wait.

Following on the heels of 2005’s debut Live In Zaandam, this smoking session combines new writing and spirited improves with a fresh take on some classic Softs material. Soft Machine Legacy demonstrates that “spirit, not a style” is truly Soft Machine’s greatest legacy. This is a hard-hitting effort that will not only appeal to fans of the original band, but to anyone who likes their fusion wide open, their jams loose and totally spontaneous, and their jazz combined with potent grooves and fiery energy.

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