Introducing J Brooks Spector

Although The Jassman is dedicated to jazz, blues and Big bands there is also room for outstanding artists in other genres. Pete Seeger is an excellent example of a musician who, through his craft, mead an impact in many parts of the world. I read many bios of Seeger after his death but Johannesburg-based journalist J Brooks Spector had, in my opinion grasped the quintessential values of the man.
So, for those of you not familiar with Brooks, here is a thumbnail sketch of the man:
Spector settled in Johannesburg after a career as a US diplomat in Afri-ca and East Asia. He has taught at the University of the Witwatersrand, been a consultant for an international NGO, run a theatre, and been a commentator for South African and international print/broadcast/online media, in addition to writing for The Daily Maverick from day one.
He says he learned everything he needs to know about politics from ‘Casablanca.’ Maybe he’s cynical about some things, but a late Beetho-ven string quartet, John Coltrane’s music and a dish of Pad Thai will bring him close to tears.
Having now appeared in this most august yet cherished publication (The Jassman, heh, heh), I hope to lure Brooks into further contribu-tions.