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Hi Brian,

I am an American with a South African wife, and we retired here 11 years ago from Boston.  I love jass/zz, spent my adolescence in New Orleans.  Have NOT got into the groove here in CT for some silly reasons. The sad story is that soon we are moving back to Boston, to be closer to our kids and their children.  I have been going through my files and found The Jassman, Vol.1, Issue 1.  I really like it!  It is so comprehensive and fun and interesting.  It’s really great!  I cannot believe that I didn’t subscribe!  Are you still publishing it?  Is it available online?  I recently read a mystery called Jass by David Fullmer, and it takes place in Storyville.  Have you seen it?  Cheers!

Bill Hilliker


Bill Hilliker,

Whatta great letter.

When I started The Jassman nine years ago, I was printing 40 magazines in colour (color to you).

Now I have an estimated 20 000 readers worldwide.

Your timing is spot on.

The Jassman, from May 1, will be an online magazine and ‘published’ monthly.

The site is viewable but under construction.

I have visited the US +/- 30 times and New Orleans about 10 times.

I will certainly find the book Jass and read it (I also do book reviews).

I am attaching The Jassman Vol. 9 Issue 1, which will be the last in its format.

I will add your e-mail address to the subscribers list.

Boston, huh?  Love the place, but not in winter.

You may want to become our Boston correspondent (see Marcia Hillman in the magazine).

I get many CDs for review from Braithwaite and Katz in Lincoln, MA.

Stay in touch.

Brian Hough, The Jassman.


Thanks so much for your kind letter.  I will keep your Vol.1, Issue 1 forever, as it is great to refer to.  I shall catch up with your prodigious work online and stay in touch.  We leave on May 1 for Boston.  I hope to find less expensive jazz venues in Boston, like the Berklee School of Music.   We’ll come back to visit Cape Town annually, but that won’t be the same as living here.  By the bye, I don’t really like Jimmy Dludlu, because I discovered I don’t really like Afro-Jazz and Afro-Pop.  I went to the Cape Town Jazz Festival once.  But be patient.  It took me 50 years to appreciate and sort of like hard bop and hard rock.  I really do like Hugh Masekela and the people he plays with.  Maybe we’ll meet at Jazzfest in NOLA one of these days.  Many thanks,

∼Bill Hilliker



Hey, Brian I’ve always known you as Hoffie.  Which do prefer?

During a late night session, members of our band got chatting about musos dying during a set.  None came to mind so have you any info?

Zac, Grahamstown, SA.

Zac, I remember you as Zak!  You may call me anything, but not late for lunch.

You may recall that Dizzy Gillespie stabbed Cab Calloway in 1941. You can read about that in the Featured Artist and another incident in the Articles tab. Brian.