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Dear Brian

I assume you are well, at least, I hope so!

Question:   do YOU remember a “POP” group from the 60-70 ties?? More 70 ties,   called: HAWK . They played every Sat. afternoon down town TWIST Str.    I played piano when they had a ” Break”.I { and the various magazines} never heard from them again.?   They “Split” eventually and that was THE END.

In case you know, please thanks !

Keep well.    VAN.    now 84, but still “at it ” )        Lankeren.       Rivonia, 17-4-15.        17.07 hrs.


Good to hear from you again.

You may find the info you require here: African DayThe Jassman will be a free online magazine from the end of April.The site is under construction and you can view here: The JassmanI’m glad to read that you are still ‘at it’.I wish I could find ‘it’!

Kindest regards, Brian Hough, The Jassman

Dear Brian

Thanks much for your reply.   VERY interesting what happened to the “HAWK” crew!! Have YOU recovered from”whatever you had”, at the time?.  Pity, re. the SA. JAZZ Aces no more in the “Radium”!I did see an advert, from them, looking for a new place {to play}, if I am not mistaken?

I hope to stay in contact with you from time to time.    PS. W H Y  don’t YOU write a book/manuscript, about the old and new Jazz world in JHB? I’ll be looking out to your end of April issue.   Between you and I, that African Jazz is getting worse and worse and worse. CAPE TOWN JAZZ ” Festifall” !!!,    You should have read Don Alberts remarks!!    Expensive and a waste of energy and money.{ and NO JAZZ}!!

Thanks heaven, I still got a Good OLD Jazz collection, which I kept. However, playing that to ones children, grandchildren and great-grand children is a waste of time.  THEY just don’t understand! {or don’t want to}. Most of my old Jazz loving friends have now died,!   NOTTAWORRY, I just carrie on! Geurt.



 The op I had was a spinal fusion at the end of November 2013.  I am 100% fit, thanks for asking. 

Yes, the Classic Jazz Masters are looking for an up-market ‘home’ in the northern suburbs here.

 Write a book?

I have written a few books and have just completed (after 3 years) an online literacy program.

I am about to publish a sequel to my book published in 2002, ‘Soaring Above Vultures’. Send me your postal address and I’ll post you a copy of the original book.

I read Don Albert’s comments and agree.

I have the same problem with children and grandkids! 

We are all getting long-in-the-tooth and I get an e-mail twice a month from the Old Musos Society here telling me about another one biting the dust.

Stay strong, Brian Hough.


Brian, My daughter Lola, {not the Ice-cream one!!}, had the same op. as you had at 52.

So far, so good.  AGE will tell!  Keep well in the meantime and my best wishes,


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