Give The Old Man A Break!

With a crunching sound that is as teeth-chatteringly heavy as metal icons like Slayer and Megadeth or ferocious grindcore groups like Na-palm Death and Brutal Truth, yet is imbued with the freedom principle of such avant garde jazz icons as saxophonists Marshall Allen, Albert Ayler and Peter Brötzman, the formidable instrumental power trio from Scotland known as Free Nelson Mandoom Jazz debuts on the London-based RareNoise label with a provocative double EP that will confound jazz critics as it challenges the thrashmetal-grindcore community. Joint-ly named for the late South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela and the genre of fuzz-bass-inflected heavy-duty improvisation dubbed ‘doomjazz’, this renegade trio of bassist Colin Stewart, drummer Archi-bald and alto saxophonist Rebecca Sneddon rattles the very grey matter of your brain on their imposing The Shape of Doomjazz to Come/Saxophone Giganticus.

The old man can’t even find peace after death. That Mandela name is used to sell almost anything. Give the man a break!