CD Review: Steve Tyrell – That Lovin’ Feeling


  Tyrell fans will certainly snaffle his latest album, and some may be disappointed.

I was on first listen, and then I gave it another try and got to come to terms with a slightly different Tyrell sound.I used to love that slightly rough, tobacco-stained, crooning sound which almost reeked of bourbon.

His early association with Burt Bacharach gave him a solid footing into the old-fashioned swinging-style of jazz crooning.Tyrell has worked with so many ‘names’ that even Wikipedia can’t keep up.His teen years saw him involved in music of many genres and at almost 71 (his was born on December 19, 1944), he has paid his dues ‘big time’.

That Lovin’ Feeling has 15 tracks including: Up on the Roof; Groovy Kind of Love; Chapel of Love; On Broadway; Hound Dog and Stand By Me. How is that for an eclectic selection?

To watch some videos and listen to the tracks go to:

Steve Tyrell

The album is available worldwide from the best Internet sites, in South Africa it is distributed by Gallo Record Company.

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