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Welcome to the first issue of The Jassman for 2015, now in its ninth year.
At the risk of banging on, please ladies and gents, I am not on any so-cial or business sites. I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
I’d like to keep it that way. Requests from readers asking to ‘follow’ me could end in tears: I am a mixture of the Flying Dutchman, the Scar-let Pimpernel and the Wandering Jew. Nobody in their right mind would ever ‘follow’ me!
Did you ever think that the names Glenn Miller and Tommy Steele would appear in the same sentence? See the Inbox and pages 26/27. I’m still walking around with raised eyebrows.
If you are a big band fan, may I suggest you have a look at Pete King’s Big Band Buddies website which you’ll find in his letter on the next page?
The addition of music videos to The Jassman has certainly met with readers’ approval, so in this issue I have two pages of music and a page of ‘funny’ videos. I couldn’t do that when I used to print this magazine.
I have also cut the number of entries in Last Post. Not only does it get depressing, I could fill 20 pages with news of the departed.

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As I swelter in 30°C—35°C (that’s 86°F—96°F), I’m thinking of those in a miserable winter on the US eastern seaboard. Especially friends in NYC and Boston. Remember, your summer is not too far off. Brrrrr!
Brian Hough
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