2Greetings and welcome to Jassman Online.

I hope your New Year’s promises to yourself are intact and the world is a wonderful place for you.
Some of you may know that I no longer free-lance for Independent Newspapers. I will have more time to try to improve and extend The Jassman.
I will be including more CD reviews and you are invited to send me your own reviews on any albums featuring jazz/blues/Big Bands.
Our Jassman family is nearing 2000 subscribers. Please keep your contributions heading my way from wherever you are in the world.
I am negotiating with the record companies and PR agents to allow me to continue with the competitions that were so popular with the newspa-per columns. More soon ……
I am happy to welcome J Brooks Spector to these pages, a scholar and a gentleman — rare qualities these days.
Meet a very interesting man, Rod Taylor, on page 10. I first bumped into Rod (literally) at the Cape Town Jazz Festival some years ago. His stunning photos of jazz artists is a wonder to behold. To see some of his work go to
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Thank you to my contributors who keep The Jassman moving in a positive direc-tion.
Brian Hough
The Jassman