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Welcome to the second edition of The Jassman Online.

I was gratified by the response from many readers, most saying that they enjoy the new online version.  If there was a possible negative response, then it may be that the magazine has too much to read. What do you think?

Thanks, also, to Joel Raphael for constructive comments on the layout which have improved navigation of the site.

Please click on your usual favorites like News, Reviews, and our correspondents’ articles.

When you have time, please visit the Inbox where you will find many letters from some very interesting people. I think the number letters in this issue must be a record in my nine years of The Jassman.

The Jassman now has a Facebook page (not me personally, the magazine). I’m told I should ask you to ‘like’ the page, so please, if you wouldn’t mind.  I’m also told we had one hundred hits by the second day, which again, I’m told is a good start. What do I know?

As always, please continue to send me your news, letters, and any items including videos which may appeal to the readers.

For now, enjoy the second online version of The Jassman.

Keep jazz alive!

Brian Hough

The Jassman