Dear Brian,

We congratulate you and the rest of the team on the new phase of Jassman.

We have added your email address to the Concerts SA mailing list to keep you abreast of our activities, many of which deal with jazz.


Ignacio Priego
Project Administrator: Concerts SA

Hi Brian,

 I hope all is well there.
You may want to make ,in some upcoming interview, that Pure Jazz Radio has someone from your neck of the woods as a weekly presenter here.
Henry Holloway, from Cape Town, can be heard Saturdays 9am (ET) and Tuesdays at 4am (ET) presenting “Sing, Swing and All That Jazz”.
I have CCed Henry on this email if you have any further questions to ask him.
Thanks for the continuing good work that you do.
Rich Keith, G.M. Pure Jazz Radio

On air host at WBGO 88.3 – email address: richkeith@wbgo.orgRich,

Rich, Glad to see that you’re still boogying.

I’ve known Henry for many years and he is a subscriber to The Jassman.

I’ll ask him to write something about his broadcasting.



I guess congrats are in order!

Well done!

You’re getting with it in your old age!!!!

Joe Berinato.

No comment! B.


Check out Derek Paravicini on You Tube – I manage him, he is blind and autistic but an amazing musician. Check out Tiger Rag
All the best,
Johnny Stirling UK

Jonny, I watched the BBC (?) clip on Derek and he is truly amazing.



At first I thought you were having me on with the ‘Man dies on the ceiling story’ in the first Jassman online.

I checked through my usual sources and you were word-perfect.

Amazing, especially as you visited the Condor Club (the scene of the crime) years later. Please keep it in the News section for ever.

James, Toronto

James, I know you wouldn’t buy a second-hand car from me, but now you know my outrageous stories are factual! B.


Thanks so much for your kind letter.  I will keep your Vol.1, Issue 1 forever, as it is great to refer to.  I shall catch up with your prodigious work online and stay in touch.  We leave on May 1 for Boston.  I hope to find less expensive jazz venues in Boston, like the Berklee School of Music. We’ll come back to visit Cape Town annually, but that won’t be the same as living here.  By the bye, I don’t really like Jimmy Dludlu, because I discovered I don’t really like Afro-Jazz and Afro-Pop.  I went to the Cape Town Jazz Festival once.  But be patient.  It took me 50 years to appreciate and sort of like hard bop and hard rock.  I really do like Hugh Masekela and the people he plays with.  Maybe we’ll meet at Jazzfest in NOLA one of these days.  Many thanks,

Bill Hilliker Johannesburg

Bill, Good to hear from you again. By now you will have received The Jassman Online. B.

 Dear Brian,

 Thanks much for your reply.   VERY interesting what happened to the “HAWK” crew !!

 Have YOU recovered from? “whatever you had”, at the time?.  Pity, re. the SA. JAZZ Aces no more in the “Radium”!

The op I had was a spinal fusion at the end of November 2013.  I am 100% fit, thanks for asking. 

I did see an advert, from them, looking for a new place {to play}, if I am not mistaken?

You mean the Classic Jazz Masters. They are looking for an up-market ‘home’ in the northern suburbs in Johannesburg.

I hope to stay in contact with you from time to time.    ps. WHY  don’t YOU write a book/manuscript, about the old and new Jazz world

in JHB?  I’ll be looking out to your end of April issue.   CAPE TOWN JAZZ “Festifall” !!!,    You should have read Don Alberts remarks!    Expensive and a waste of energy and money.  { and NO JAZZ }!!

 Write a book?

I have written a few books and have just completed (after 3 years) an online literacy program. I am about to publish a sequel to my book published in 2002, ‘Soaring Above Vultures’. Send me your postal address and I’ll post you a copy of the original book.

I read Don Albert’s comments and agree.

Thanks heaven, I still got a Good OLD Jazz collection, which I kept. However, playing that to one’s children, grandchildren and great-grand children is a waste of time.  THEY just don’t understand! {or don”t want to }

I have the same problem! 

Most of my old Jazz loving friends have now died!   NOTTAWORRY, I just carry on!

I get an e-mail twice a month from the Old Musos Society here telling me about another one biting the dust.

I wish you well.   My kind regards,    Geurt van Lankeren.            Rivonia

Hi Brian,

I hope you are enjoying Spring!

Nope! We’re in the middle of autumn.

About the online magazine – This is great news! Would love to be included in the website in any way that you think would be good for your readers.

If you have a website you can link directly to The Jassman. Send me the link info and I’ll get you connected.

I saw that Lenore Raphael is on the website, just came back to NY today from a short tour with her in NC. It was great.

If you wrote about that tour it would make a great article for The Jassman,

Best regards,


Hi Brian,

Sounds good!

This is my website:

I would be happy to write about the tour with Lenore, any questions you have in mind?

Also, I have a pretty big show coming up in June at one of the best venues in New York, Jazz at Kitano, featuring the renowned saxophonist Joel Frahm, would it be interesting for your readers as well?

Thank you,


Dear Brian,

Many thanks for your email. Congratulations on the very good news!

Thank you.

Lenore Raphael told me more than once what a success you had with her in Johannesburg last year! And that she and Joel stayed with you while performing there.

Yes, that was in August 2013 when she performed at the Joy of Jazz Festival.

I, together with some other people, tried hard to get her booked in Cape Town this year for the jazz festival here, but Rashid Lombard would not budge. And to think that Rashid dmitted openly that I taught him to enjoy swing…..

I have given up with both Rashid and partners and Peter Tladi. As Don Albert recently wrote in the Sunday Times (I think), ‘These are not Jazz events’ (I paraphrase).

Now, in view of what your email states, I thought you would like to include details about my autobiography, which has been launched in the USA. Missing on the front cover image of my book hereunder is the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence, which was given to the book after I decided to use the cover as my email “signature”. On the revised cover it appears next to my right ear!

Good idea! Send me as much as you can.

If you ARE interested, I’ll send you the YouTube trailer and the Amazon links, plus Lenore’s awesome Review on Amazon.

That will make great reading. If you have a website, send me the address and I will link it to The Jassman.

Hope you and Monica are well.

We are surviving the onset of old age remarkably well.

Hope the two of you are too.

Henry Holloway


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