Brian’s Page

12Greetings and apologies for popping up on the wrong page.
And apologies for the missing Quiz page in the last issue. I should have suspected something would go wrong. We delivered the print-ready copy to the printers on August 20 intending to post everything before we went away for a week on September 3. The printer said his machine was geschmeezen but the magazine would be ready on our re-turn. Two weeks after our return we received the copies from a differ-ent printer. In our haste to get the copies we mailed we did not do our final check. So, we have to find a new printer which leads me to the burning question: how many readers would be happy to have a web-based version? Please let me know as I intend to launch The Jassman on the Internet from the February 2011 issue.
I will send some readers a trial version by e-mail for comment. The Internet version will have the benefit of being in colour (hell, even in color!). It will be in the Adobe pdf format which, if required, may be printed. The print settings should be preserved so as to allow the origi-nal A5 format.
I enjoyed reading Bob Melvin‘s feature on Teddy Wilson in this issue. Teddy Wilson visited Johannesburg in 1966 and I was in the audience in The Great Hall at the University of the Witwatersrand along with mem-bers of the Jazz Aces (I was their manager at the time).
We were thrilled because, as you will recall, at the time South Africa was regarded as the pole-cat nation of the world. We were starved of international artists, especially jazz musicians. The only other visitors who regularly performed in those years were The Dutch Swing College Band (what has happened to them?).
On page 22 you will find informa-tion about a new book, The New Face of Jazz and I hope one day to be able to review it for you.